Cartotecnica ESSE-BI

Is on the market since 15 years and in the last 5 years thanks to the acquired experience and important investment it's specialized in the production of standard packaging but above all special ones for the confectionary industries and for Bakeries.

Actually Cartotecnica Essebi is situated near Como, in Orsenigo, in the industrial zone, in a new production unit equipped for the production of:

- Paper Baking moulds for "Panettone", "Colombe", "Tarts", "Ciambelle", "Plum-cakes"
- Simple paper moulds for "Fornarine", "Focacce", "Pizza"
- Special micro-flute baking moulds in different sizes and shapes on customer's request
- Industrial baking cups for plum-cakes and tarts
- Paper cups for Bakeries (fresh cakes) - on request with customer's logo
- White and golden trays
- White and golden lace doilies (on request with customer's logo)
- Cellophane and moplefan bags